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Pricing Your Work For Profit

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About the woodworkershelper

I know when you first start making furniture for yourself and then a friend or two, and then some friends of your friends, you decide that maybe you can make a living at this and go into business for yourself. I hope you do, because there is no better satisfaction than doing what you love to do and getting paid to do it!

When my hobby turned into something more, and I was building furniture professionally, I always struggled with capturing the costs that went into each project and setting a price. Generally, you need to tell your customers how much something is going to cost before they decide to move forward.

Estimating in its own right, can be somewhat intimidating and for most of us, a necessary evil. Some of us with more experience are better at it than others. Some of us just downright hate doing it and guess at a price.

I know that when I started out estimating a project, I was not doing a very good job at it and I'm sure I could have been making a lot more money than I was. This led me to spending some time and thinking about what actually went into building a project. I eventually developed a software program around my process and sold it as a program that could be downloaded and installed on your computer.

After many years of supporting this software, I decided to improve upon it and move it into the realm of cloud computing, making it accessible to everyone on the Internet as a web based program. Downloads are no longer required and practically all of its features are free!

The woodworkershelper is here to help you! Please take advantage of its useful features (and feel free to purchase some credits in order to generate some quotations and estimates).


Steve G.