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Pricing Your Work For Profit

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Pricing - Pay As You Go

Maximum Flexibility - No Contracts!
Just like stamps, purchase credits for the number of quotes or estimates you need to generate. One credit equals one Quote or one Estimate.

Buy More and Save!
Take advantage of discounted rates by purchasing a larger number of credits.

Number of Credits* Cost Per Quote or Estimate  
Get an instant quote!
Enter the number of estimates or quotations
you plan on using in the box and click Get.

1 to 5 $1.00 U.S.  
6 to 10 $0.95 U.S.  
11 to 20 $0.90 U.S.  
21 to 30 $0.85 U.S.  
31 to 40 $0.80 U.S.  
41 to 100 $0.75 U.S.   Credit Cards Accepted
101 or more $0.70 U.S.